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Spanish Classes for Adults

Is your high school Spanish a bit rusty?

Would being bilingual open the door to greater opportunities at work?


Our native Spanish professors offer classes on a one-to-one, semi-private, and small-group basis, with a maximum of 4 students. We tailor our individual classes to meet each student’s specific needs and objectives. Each class lasts 50 minutes.

Stack of Books

Is your Spanish already advanced?

No problem! We also offer themed classes for advanced students on topics such as Spanish Literature and Art History.

As for those of you who want to add a bit of drama to your life, take a look at our Spanish storytelling classes (see the links under our storyteller Amparo's profile on the About Us tab.)

Pricing: Spanish Classes for Adults

Private: $30 per student per class


Semi-private (2 students): $25 per student per class


3 students: $20 per student per class 


4 students: $15 per student per class

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