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Your "puente" into other cultures!

Online Class

What Do We Teach?

We offer a wide variety of Spanish classes for children and adults at all levels from beginner to advanced, as well as themed classes such as literature, art history, drama, and music in Spanish. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Spanish for Children

Virtual Dance Class

Ages 4 - 12

At Academia Bilingual Bridges, your children will not be doing repetitive exercises in workbooks. Classes are taught online in a way that your children will never forget! Whether they are savoring tortilla de patata in Spain or ordering tamales in Guatemala, students will be transported through their acting into other worlds. They will become so absorbed that they won't want the class to end!

Spanish Through Art

Boy in Art Class

Ages 4 - 12

Are your children artistically inclined? In this class, students will pick up Spanish vocabulary effortlessly as Spanish words are woven into craft-building sessions. In this way, they will learn a new language while developing their motor skills and creativity in the process.

Spanish Through Music

Playing Guitar

Ages 4 - 9

Do you find your children singing at all hours of the day? If so, they will definitely enjoy our Spanish through Music sessions, in which participants learn to sing popular children’s songs in Spanish, accompanied by guitar or ukulele. No musical background is needed, only a willingness to sing and have fun while learning Spanish.

Spanish for Adults

Ages 18+

We offer all levels of Spanish instruction for adults in both private and group classes. In addition, we offer conversation-only classes as well as classes with vocabulary geared toward specific professions (upon request).

On a Video Call

Spanish Literature / Art History

Spanish Through Drama


Teens and Adults

Do you like acting? Is your Spanish level intermediate to advanced? By joining our Spanish “Cuentacuentos” classes, you’ll not only improve your Spanish communication skills but also learn to perform in this unique style! To get a better idea of this captivating art form, take a look at our storyteller Amparo’s profile and click on the links to see her in action.

Ages 18+

Would you like to read and discuss short stories and novels written by Spanish and Latin American authors? Would you like to learn about the history of art from the Caves of Atapuerca to Cubism? We offer Literature and Art History as two separate courses, both taught entirely in Spanish. This is a perfect way to reinforce your Spanish vocabulary while gaining new insights into these fascinating subjects.

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